The True Fountain of Youth ~ Sex is Good for Your Health!

The diagnosis of sex addiction is the same as every addiction: loss of control and continued behavior despite adverse consequences. Sexual addiction differs from other addictions, however. Our sexuality reflects unconscious conflicts, longings and wishes of which we are not aware.

"I meet a guy who I like. We are very attracted to each other - lots of great chemistry. It doesn't take long before he is pushing for sex, and I want to have sex too. But most of the time I don't hear from him again after having sex. Even if I wait a couple of months to have sex, this still happens. They seem so into me before sex and then completely lose interest after sex. I don't get it."

Men want you to be submissive in bed. Really, it's that simple. You should take initiative in bed, like - give him a blow job without him ever asking for it, ( that's a must! ) but don't try controlling everything. Let him lead you and let him "dominate" you in bed. Total submission is what most guys desire from you, but don't want to tell you. How do you do that?

When a sex addict masturbates, masturbation becomes the focus of their lives and is their primary, or exclusive, coping mechanism. The only way they know to soothe themselves is through masturbation or other forms of ritualized sex. The sex addict thinks about sex almost all the time and compulsively masturbates whenever he get the chance.

When you are doing anything that feels good, like healthy exercise or having an orgasm, your Nitric Oxide levels rise and blood circulation is increased. More than that, Nitric Oxide is the main neurotransmitter – the one that regulates all the other neurotransmitters. And because it’s a gas, it goes through the body instantly. So high Nitric Oxide levels, let’s say from clitoral stimulation, will instantly change the neurotransmitter levels of the brain and balance them out. As your biochemistry changes, inflammation decreases, and chances of heart disease lessens, and the adrenals improve — it’s all connected. We aren’t kidding when we say sex is good for your health!

None of these answers can be satisfactory and you suspicion continues to grow simply because you will never want you partner to cheat on you! So, is sexting cheating? It may be or it may not be and you will always want to find out the underlying truth. It will be OK with you if you really find out that the person texting your partner is just an office colleague who is trying to pull legs. However, the other one may also be true and perhaps the person texting is a paid professional from a sexting website who tries to indulge in some soft porn with your partner.